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Jeff 'n Joan's Bag

Flannel Blanket
Caramel Apple
Black (Body) Black (Top)
Woodland Camo (Body) Black (Top)

New color combos coming soon (Update: Early/Mid July...)

My parents, Jeff & Joan, have a beautiful titanium tandem that they have ridden all over the state of Oregon together.  Captain Jeff's handlebar of choice is the Jones H-Bar.  It takes a lot of snacks to keep them in tandem, so at my dad's request we decided to fill that empty space in the bars with a bag large enough to hold about two to three dozen snickers bars, depending on how high you want to fill it.  But don't limit it to just snacks, we keep anything from camera equipment to beer or whatever our kids find along the way.  And if you run out of space, there are loops on the bottom to strap whatever you can fit.  


  • Mounts in center of Jones H-Bar or Surly Moloko Bar
  • 10.5 inches wide by 5 inches deep (2.5 Liter)
  • 5 inch roll-top closure for a max capacity of 10 inches of depth (5 Liter)
  • Magnetic buckle for easy one-handed closure
  • Top of bag sits flush with bars (after a bit of use and the material relaxes and as long as the roll top isn't expanded upward) easy to place hands across the top
  • Bright orange lining for easy visibility
  • Foam insulated sides
  • Has 4 one inch loops on the bottom to strap more gear
  • Includes 5 Total Hook straps for mounting to bars
  • Open corners to hook your thumbs in
  • Compatible with new Jones SG 2.5 Bar
  • Roll top stuffs neatly into the body of the bag for an open top


  • 10.10 oz. waxed canvas body with 6.25 oz. w.c. roll top
  • Coated nylon Ripstop lining, bright orange
  • Magnetic buckle closure
  • 1/8" Closed cell foam insulated sides

Dimensions & Weight:

  • 10.5" wide x 5" deep with 5" expandable roll top closure
  • WEIGHT: 6.5 oz, 7 oz with straps



Every product is made in house from raw materials with the combined efforts of Randi, Eric and Sam.
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