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Pocket 'Tender

Bag Color
Olive (Waxed Canvas)
Mellow Gold (Waxed Canvas)
Black (Gridwax Canvas)
Woodland Camo (Waxed Canvas)
Field Tan (Waxed Canvas)
Deep Red (Waxed Canvas)
Charcoal (Waxed Canvas)
Natural (Waxed Canvas)
Blaze Orange (Gridwax Canvas)
Pocket Color
Slate (Waxed Canvas)
Blackwatch (Waxed Canvas)
Chocolate (Waxed Canvas)
Black (Waxed Canvas)

$ 49.00

Our Bartender bag with a pocket!  A handy bar/stem bag when you need your essentials close at hand.


  • Mounts to handlebar, stem and head tube, or anywhere else you can strap it!
  • Universal right / left side design.
  • 3 Pockets; 1 pleated front pocket & 2 side (flush with body), 4", with drawcord. 
  • Adaptable to most bar / stem and frame styles
  • One handed access with Cyberian Sharktooth pull
  • Foam insulated sides
  • Light colored liner for visibility
  • Comes with 3 eight inch Total Hook straps
  • Great for a beverage bottle, coffee, snacks, compact camera, phone, kids toys, etc.! 


  • Waxed canvas; 10.10 oz. body with 8.25 oz. pocket 
  • Coated nylon ripstop lining; orange for ease of inside visibility 
  • Foam Insulation 
  • Three 1" x 8" Totalhook straps for fastening


  • 6.5" tall plus 3" to the top of the nylon drawcord section 
  • 3.75" diameter, cyclindrical
  • 1.18 liter volume (72.1 cubic inches)
We are a two person operation where every item is made to order.  We've had a large amount of orders accumulate for the summer season, so please allow up to 5 weeks for production at this time.  If you haven't received your order or heard from us, feel free to reach out and ask where it's at. If you need something by a specific date please let us know and we'll be do our best to accommodate you!  Thanks!!!