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Caps - Limited Edition Lightweight Wool

GreyBlueishGreen Tweed Lightweight Wool
Olive Lightweight Wool
Dark Grey Lightweight Wool

Current production time approx. 3 weeks; see below for more info.

These caps are made from a curated batch of lightweight wools that Randi hand selected.  These colors are limited but we will definitely try to keep this option available with rotating selections. Here's what she has to say about each fabric;

1. Dark grey: this is a lightweight worsted wool that is similar in weight to our linen caps but with a much tighter weave. Fully appropriate for trips to town but equally welcome on long rides. 

2. Olive: this wool is slightly heavier than the dark grey and has a handsome twill weave (parallel diagonal raised stripes.)  It is also a worsted wool which means the weave is tight and helps keeps wind and rain out.

3. GreyBlueishGreen tweed: I found this lovely tweed in New York but it's made in Italy. This wool is the thickest of the three and the softest. Perfect for those folks who say wool is too scratchy. The color is hard to describe (hence the indecisive name) but really handsome and complimentary.

  • Classic four panel style
  • Elastic in back panel for a nice fit.
  • 100% wool, 100% cotton twill tape finish
  • Stitched and stiffened brim
  • Caps fit great under helmets 

SIZING INFO: Custom Cap Sizing: Everyone’s head is a different size and not everyone will fit comfortably within our sizing. If you are one of these people, let us know! Cap too small? Randi can let out the elastic to make it roomier. Cap too big? Randi can tighten the elastic for a snugger fit. Just include your needs in the notes section when ordering. If you really are unsure, email us!

CARE:  Best to hand wash cold with a mild soap & hang dry (No Dryer!).  We wash them in the machine on a gentle cycle, but the brim can become a bit misshapen- use an iron to flatten.  

Check out our FAQ for more information on our Caps


Every product is made in house from raw materials with the combined efforts of Randi, Eric and Sam.
Happy Spring! Right now production time is running about three week (3 weeks). If you have any questions, please email (Sam or Eric will get back to you) or feel free to call at 541.584.2202.  Cheers! Thank you for your patience!
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