Last Call: December 12th!


**********Orders placed after December 12th will be stitched up and shipped the first week of January. *********

RJF Headquarters

It feels like the southern annex of Santa’s Workshop in there and we’re quickly filling our schedule with all of your holiday orders!  Thank you so much!

To ensure holiday delivery in the contiguous United States, the last day to place an order will be December 12th.  Feel free to e.mail me with any questions or concerns (and encouragement!) via the contact page.

Now, back to the machines I go! Ho, ho, sew!!!

Randi Jo

Ode to October


Going way back to October 4th, Eric and I put together a surprise puppet show for our good friend’s wedding.  It was a very dry run since we had little time to practice with other members of the wedding party but we obviously had a captive audience and got some good laughs.  Eric wrote the script full of inside jokes and Hulk Hoganisms, brother!  I made two Muppet-style puppets to the likeness of the bride and groom.  So much work, so much fun!

Back in August our dog, Gus, developed a swollen muzzle and became pretty lethargic.  We assumed it may be an abscessed tooth but the Vet traced it to a tumor.  He was to have both removed a couple of weeks ago but when he was under anesthesia they found other lumps under his tongue and around his neck.  More cancer, or at least that is what she assumes, we didn’t opt for to put him through the surgery.  He was looking like he wouldn’t last more than a week but with some medication and a fancy all meat diet, courtesy of my grandma and a local elk, he’s perked right up.  I won’t get too mushy here but we will take any good juju you might be able to send his way.056bA view from what a few locals call, “Hippie Hill” – in the distance is the entire township of Elkton.  Those golden fields are vineyards and that bright swatch near the center is the mighty Umpqua River, rapidly rising from the recent rainfall.

Oh, October. You really are a pretty great month.  Halloween, corn mazes, newly changing leaves and crisp foggy mornings.  You have a lot to live up to, November.

corn maze


Wed’n bound!

I know, I know.  It feels like we just got back from Eastern Oregon but once again we are turning off the machines for a week to attend the wedding of our dear friends.  If you placed an order before 9/23 it will be shipped out by this Friday.  Orders placed after today will be in the queue for when we return on the October 5th.

You guys are the best!


Randi Jo and all

Last call, y’all!

We’re gearing up to head out of rural Western Oregon to the even more rural Eastern Oregon next week for a bit of bike exploration and product testing.  That means we’re trying to finish up existing orders as fast as we can (thanks so much for your patience everyone!).  That also means today is the last call for orders to be shipped out by August 18th.  Everything ordered after the 14th will start shipping out after August 28th.

Nose to the grindstone!

Summer Lake Cruisin'


Summer and the glorious S24o

Uncle Jody, seen here in all his packaged glory,

Uncle Jody

 happens to live about 6 miles from us and has a sweet spot on the Umpqua river for launching boats (He’s a great fishing guide too!) complete with a dock, a few canoes and a make-shift fireplace.  We happen to enjoy bike camping and with two kids in tow and a large cargo bike to carry them, local camping is our best bet.  Since you all are keeping us busily stitching, packing and shipping (thank YOU!), we often opt for the Rivendell coined Sub-24 Hour Overnight (S24O) trips.

On the roadRidin'

All Packed

 If you’re looking for lightweight gear advice, this isn’t the place.


 Once we reach our destination and set-up camp, everyone heads straight for the river.

Playing in the Umpqua

Dock Jumper

 Dinner is generally hot dogs and roasted marshmallows.  And beer for the adults.




  And who can resist reeling in a bass?  We just use bobbers, sinkers and worms (and sometimes the random lure left in Jody’s boat).  And luck. 215resize


 And before we head home there’s always time for one more canoe ride in the morning fog. 

Morning Fogmorning canoe ride


New Year, New Projects

Welcome, 2014!  We had a lovely Christmas and a productive working holiday.  Thanks so much to all of you for your patience.  Things still look pretty much the same around here save for a few new photographs and a teaser for the re-introduction of our shop apron.

What did we get done, you ask?

We are working with a real live web developer AND a real live graphic designer on a whole new website.  All good things take time, so they say.  We’re shooting for an early spring launch.  We will be offering a few more products and a web store that will be much more intuitive and easier to navigate with pretty drawings and photos.

In other news we (read: my Dad) are building a new studio! A mobile 10′ X 22′ building with lots of built-in storage and plenty of light.  Here’s a sneak peek:


We acquired an old (and leaky) travel trailer in late December.  My Dad swiftly went to work disassembling the entire trailer screw by screw to get to the real diamond in the rough.

IMG_20140110_141912[1]A sturdy steel trailer frame.  Made in Indiana I might add.  So far he’s placed it on piers and framed the floor joists. He’ll be reusing some old corrugated metal with a lovely patina for the siding that he salvaged from my uncle’s barn.  I have big plans for a cutting table on casters and a dedicated shipping station. Lots of daydreaming going on.

I feel like I’m getting a complete overhaul and I’m so thankful for everyone involved.  It looks like our new digs (both virtually and physically) will be ready this spring.

Here’s to a great start to the new year and a happy (and rainy) January.


Shop Closed Until Jan. 10

Hi all,

Thanks for stopping by.  We’re taking a bit of a break from the machines and putting our energy towards upgrading this space.  New photos, new products, improvements to existing products and with time a new look.  Thanks again for your patience and patronage. See you in the new year!


Randi Jo, Eric, Beck, Coe and Gus014resize